300-Hour Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

The 300 Hour Advanced – Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training with an emphasis on Yoga Therapy program is designed for:

  • RYTs at the 200 Hour Level who want to advance into the area of working with clients and specialized groups using a therapeutic based approach and working with private clients using yoga therapy.
  • RYTS at the 200 Hour Level who want to advance to RYT 500 level and increase their skills; knowledge and competency.
  • RYTS and those interested in taking modules and workshops of interest to advance their knowledge and refine their teaching skills.

Our Curriculum

RYT 300 program for 2015-2016 includes an expreinced, and qualified faculty and extensive curriculum, including:

• Advanced Yoga Asanas-A Therapeutic Approach and refining asana knowledge and skills.

• The Art of Alignment & Prop Integration from a Therapeutic perspective

• Yoga and Alzheimers-Using Yoga as a Tool to Slow Progression

• Yoga Nidra-Successful Integration into Class Design

• Advanced Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

• Yoga for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

• Yoga and Addictions-Understanding Addictive Personality Traits and Yoga as a Tool for Management

• Teaching Yoga for Students with PTSD

• Ahimsa for Yoga Teachers-Identifying burn out and preventative strategies:

• The Aging Student-Understanding Physiological & Emotional Changes and Creating a Safe Practice

• Mantras and Meditation – The Hatha Yoga Pradipka

• Ethics & the Business of Yoga Therapy

• Teaching Yoga for Cancer Survivors and Patients

• Yin Yoga Certification

• Class Design & Management for Theraputic Classes

• Risk management-Determining Levels of Competency

• Clinical Practicums and assessments

• East Meets West-The Approach to Disease Pathology

• Ayurveda and Yoga – A Deeper Understanding of Integration

• Integration of Yoga as Effective Therapy For Athletes

• Anatomical Focus on The Athletic Body

• Yoga Theraputic Approaches to Injuries and Medical Conditions

Our Training Schedule

Training sessions are one weekend a month, with 30 Hours are via WebEx or alternative web based formats.  Only 12 people will be accepted for each session in Brockville.

Training is the last weekend of every month, starting January 30, 2016.

Contact us for more information.